Ready to stop struggling with WHAT you eat?


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          A unique, gentle Holistic Process that frees you from struggling over     

  WHAT YOU EAT by teaching you HOW TO EAT

    We provide individualized TOOLS NOT RULES:


* Mindfulness Tools:  Mindfulness teaches you how to slow down and breathe. How to simply observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations before, during and after eating without getting pulled into the story, without judging yourself or reacting. Mindfulness allows you to come face to face with what's really driving your eating, and provides skills to work with whatever that is. As you develop "wise-mind," self-acceptance and self-trust, you will create a more peaceful, balanced relationship with food, your body and your weight.  (See Mindfulness).


* Intuitive Eating Tools: Mindfulness tools help you to become more aware and more present so you can distinguish real, physical hunger (I need to eat) from appetite/emotions (I just want to eat!). Intuitive Eating tools teach you to reconnect to the mind-body wisdom you were born with so that you can trust your food/eating choices in the moment. You will know when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat simply by checking in with yourself. You'll build understanding of fear foods vs. trigger foods and clarity about the foods that work best for YOUR system. End the notion of "good" and "bad" foods. Eat without guilt or fear.  (See 10 Traits of An Evolved Eater).


* Self-care Tools: Assemble your personalized toolbox of daily healing activities, pastimes and practices that support you in staying strong, balanced, and on your path. Build calming/grounding choices to reach for instead of bingeing or restricting. Build freedom and self-confidence. Create new behaviors and responses around food and eating that work specifically for YOU. (See Tips From EVOLVING EATERS.)